An at-scale solution for recycling paper cups


Realising the commercial value of paper cups


Delivering systemic change through partnership

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An at-scale solution to a collective challenge.

Paper cup recycling challenge

Disposable paper cups are part of daily life across the world, enabling a convenient way to enjoy our refreshing drinks wherever we are and while being “on-the-go”. Being made of up to 95% from virgin fiber coming from sustainably managed forests, they are easily-recyclable, but in practice the overwhelming majority of used cups are discarded in general waste meaning future recycling opportunities are restricted and uncertain.

Our solution: The Cup Collective

The Cup Collective addresses this challenge by accelerating paper cup recycling across Europe at an industrial scale. Our goal is to recycle half a billion cups into new paper and board products by the end of 2024, while making it easier for consumers and businesses to contribute. The first Cup Collective bins are now installed in initial Partner locations around Brussels, and this bin network will expand out to meet demand as The Cup Collective grows.


City 2 Shopping Centre

European Vending & Coffee Service Association



National Railway Company of Belgium


An at-scale solution

We are working to remove barriers to accelerate industrial scale solutions for paper cup recycling across Europe.

Realising commercial value

The Cup Collective is a commercial programme maximising the value of paper cups by regenerating them into recycled raw materials.

Delivering systemic change through partnership

The Cup Collective is focused on delivering an industry solution to a global challenge. We work with our partners through the value chain to put systems in place driving at-scale recycling of single-use paper cups.

Every cup counts

The Cup Collective believes in the value of every single use paper cup. We are developing transparent and traceable solutions to regenerate the value of each cup for new uses.

Making it easy, making it the everyday

Creating a movement starts one cup at a time. By making it easy for consumers to do the right thing we will ensure that no cup is left behind.