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The Cup Collective is an open-to-all initiative aimed at driving the collection and recycling of used paper cups. We aim to seamlessly integrate cup recycling into everyday life, ensuring it is simple, accessible and cost-effective for all.

We will work with partners throughout the supply chain, from the largest restaurants and café chains, retailers and transport hubs to independent coffee shops, collection partners, waste management operators and policymakers across Europe to address the challenges to recycling and deliver a viable scalable solution for Europe.

We intend to be non-operational, increasing cup collection at store, at work, at home and in public places:

- by supporting the development of existing cup collection systems

- by supporting the creation of new cup collection systems

We will only ever take direct operational action in territories where we are required to stimulate new activity.



Get cups collected

Assisting organisations in setting up paper cup collection at their sites.


Operate a Collection Scheme

Supporting organisations already providing or interested in offering commercial paper cup collection and recycling services to businesses.

How To Implement Cup Collection

THE CUP COLLECTIVE | Find a Collection Scheme

Find a Collection Scheme

THE CUP COLLECTIVE | Buy collection bins

Buy collection bins

THE CUP COLLECTIVE | Buy collection sacks

Buy collection sacks


Site launch



1. Find a Collection Scheme

THE CUP COLLECTIVE | 1. Find a Collection Scheme

The above map details countries with participating Collection Schemes offering a paper cup collection service. If the country does not appear, please register your interest via the Contact Us page, as this will greatly help expansion into new territories.

Further details on each Collection Scheme can be found in the Find a Collection Scheme section at the bottom of this page.

THE CUP COLLECTIVE | 2. Buy collection bins

2. Buy collection bins

Once you have identified a suitable Collection Scheme, the next step is to purchase the required number of dedicated cup collection bins. For optimal performance, it is recommended to place alongside existing waste and recycling infrastructure.

THE CUP COLLECTIVE | 3. Buy collection sacks

3. Buy collection sacks

This is the final step before launch. The sacks are available in three sizes and come in rolls of 50. Simply transfer the stacked cups from the front-of-house bins into these sacks before they are collected from your site.

THE CUP COLLECTIVE | 4. Site launch

4. Site launch

To ensure a smooth and effective implementation, the following two factors are critical:

(1) Operational understanding - ensure all site operatives are familiar with the new cup collection processes by providing clear communication and training.

(2) Customer awareness - take every opportunity to make customers aware that they now have the opportunity to recycle their used cups at site.

From experience, pro-actively and positive encouragement for active participation will increasingly foster a culture sustainability with both employees and customers.


5. Optimise

When using a Collection Scheme adopting The Cup Collective's barcoded sack tracking system, customers can access real time data through a secure dashboard accessible via the homepage.

The dashboard offers information on collection frequency, eact sack weights and contamination levels, enabling sites to optimise processes for better operational and commercial results.

Cost Savings

Reduce costs and recycle cups

Collecting cups stacked can reduce costs dependent on cup and collection sack sizes, as detailed below*:


*Cost reduction percentages are based on collecting full sacks for paper cups for recycling versus disposal by General Waste – estimated at €30 per lift per 1,100L container that has a capacity for 12 full Standard collection sacks.

Maximum cost savings are realised by ensuring collection sacks are full prior to collection. This can be achieved by transferring stacked cups collected front-of-house to a back-of-house storage bin as illustrated below. These back-of-house storage bins are custom made to fit the standard and large collection sacks and can be purchased on the Collection Bin page.

THE CUP COLLECTIVE | Assemble bin and lid

Assemble bin and lid

THE CUP COLLECTIVE | Insert collection sack

Insert collection sack

THE CUP COLLECTIVE | Decant used cups

Decant used cups

THE CUP COLLECTIVE | Empty only when full

Empty only when full

In addition to cost reduction, there are further commercial benefits from implementing cup collection bins at site:

Reduces contamination in other targeted recycling streams.

Reduces the number of times other bins need to be emptied.

Reduces liquid in other bins and spill risks from split sacks.

Reduces space required for waste storage back of house, particularly relevant for sites operating on a small footprint.

Find A Collection Scheme

Please select the country from the drop down menu below to find a participating Collection Scheme. If the country does not appear, please register your interest via the Contact Us page, as this will greatly help our expansion into new territories.

Select Country
THE CUP COLLECTIVE | What is a Collection Scheme?

What is a Collection Scheme?

A Collection Scheme is an organisation that sells collected used paper cups to The Cup Collective, allowing us to:

Provide accurate and consolidated data on the weight of paper cups being recycled across Europe.

Manage quality to continually meet the material specification of recycling facilities.

Aggregate loads from multiple suppliers to increase frequency of delivery to recycling facilities.

Leverage economies of scale to maximise the financial return.

When applicable, The Cup Collective will also promote participating Collection Schemes on our Find a Collection Scheme page, as well as providing direct sales and marketing support on request.

Additional Services

Whether operating an existing Collection Scheme or planning to start a new Collection Scheme, The Cup Collective can also provide the following additional services on request:

THE CUP COLLECTIVE | Scheme design and implementation

Scheme design and implementation

Our team has significant experience in designing, implementing and managing cup collection and recycling schemes. We have a proven track record in delivering solutions both for traditional waste management providers, as well as for distribution or logistics providers seeking to backhaul used paper cups on their existing fleet.


THE CUP COLLECTIVE | Sack tracking system

Sack tracking system

The Cup Collective sack tracking system is available to any participating Collection Scheme, providing you and your customers with secure, real-time data on the end-to-end collection process. Both the barcoded collection sacks and the website portal can also be customised to meet your own branding requirements.


THE CUP COLLECTIVE | Bulk collection and balling

Bulk collection and balling

The Cup Collective can provide a bulk collection and baling service to Collection Schemes that do not have this in-house capability.

We can supply a range of bulk containers or compaction units to meet site requirements, which are then collected and exchanged on request.

Collected cups are then baled and stored prior to onward transport to recycling facilities.

Collection Scheme List


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