Collection Bins

Installing dedicated cup collection bins at site that collect used cups stacked and free from contamination will significantly reduce disposal costs, whilst also achieving a recycling outcome. The following range of products all provide this functionality and have been selected from leading European manufacturers.

The co-cre8 range of intuitive and user friendly cup collection bins provide a modular solution for every environment.

Designed to increase awareness for optimum consumer engagement and material capture.

Effectively reduces contamination and volume through the use of clear cup stacking tubes.

Range of apertures for cups, lids and liquids.

Removable tubes that can be used with or without tube liners.

Fully customisable to your branding requirements in order to showcase your sustainability commitments.

The Leafield Environmental range of cup recycling bins are manufactured using rotational mouldings, a fast and efficient method that produces consistent, high quality, hard-wearing and stress-free products that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The bontonrange of cup recycling bins are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands from 100% recycled polypropylene collected from PMD (Plastic, Metals & Drinks Paackaging).